Performances at KAI 10

Artists: Elena Bajo, Feiko Beckers, BERGERNISSEN, Christian Falsnaes, Veza Fernández, Vlatka Horvat, William Hunt, Maren Maurer, Claudia Pagès, Phillip Schulze, Mårten Spångberg

Concept: Marion Eisele and Julia Schleis

Individual dates from September 1 to 18, 2016

Our living environment is constantly changing to the beat of just a few mouse clicks. A fast-paced, simultaneous, and negotiating regiment runs the show. Within the context of current communication technologies, global connectivity, and an "anything goes" mentality, it is no simple task to find one´s own standpoint—even selective or temporary. This leads to insecurities, which can in part pave the way for extremely rigid dogmas.

TAKE UP YOUR SPACE is a program of eleven performances at KAI 10, that seek to envision the balancing act between daily decisions and fathom the limits of one's own and other's expectations. The works deconstruct predominant mechanisms, such as the (presumed) separation of high and pop culture or the impact of group dynamics. The performances—having installative, theatrical, musical and dancing character—enter the space of personal life stories. They seek for self-empowerment and ways of encountering the environment. Through the title the project encourages visitors to experience themselves as participants and actors in the different—real, social, or virtual—spaces.

BERGERNISSEN, Awakening - a journey to the magical condition, 2013/14, Filmstill © die Künstlerinnen / the artists

Claudia Pagès, Act(s) on the table / Actos sobre la mesa, 2014, © die Künstlerin / the artist; Foto: Eva Carasol

Mårten Spångberg, The Internet, mit und von / with and by: Sandra Lolax, Rebecka Stillman, Hanna Strandberg, Mårten Spångberg, realisiert dank der Unterstützung / realized with the support of Marika Troili © der Künstler / the artist, Foto: Tani Simberg

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Christian Falsnaes, The Title Is Your Name
(entrance for one at a time, from one hour prior to one our after each appointment, in English)

Thu 1.9.2016, 7 pm
BERGERNISSEN, The Awakening - Future *

Suno 4.9.2016, 3 pm
Mårten Spångberg, The Internet *

Tue 6.9.2016, 7 pm
Feiko Beckers, A problem lost is a problem solved (in English)

Wed 7.9.2016, 7 pm
Elena Bajo, The Pleiades

Thu 8.9.2016, 7 pm
Claudia Pagès, Act(s) on a table (in English) **

Sun 11.9.2016
11am–7 pm: Phillip Schulze, DYSTOTAL
7 pm: Phillip Schulze, INTERMORPHOLOGIES

Tue 13.9.2016, 7 pm
Maren Maurer, as is

Thu 15.9.2016, 7 pm
William Hunt, You´re gonna pay for it now, Now you´re gonna pay for it (children at parential discretion)

Sun 18.9.2016
3 pm: Veza Fernández , veza or patience will bring you roses (in English and German)
4 pm: Vlatka Horvat, Groundwork