KAI 10 is a private, non-commercial institution for the promotion of contemporary art. Founded by the non-profit Arthena Foundation, KAI 10 will produce three to four exhibitions annually, offering international artists a platform for the presentation and discussion of their works.

Although the focus is on the newest, most current art, the KAI 10 program will also include better-known, established artists. This will provide opportunities to identify the points where the works intersect thematically, as well as the differences between generations. In accordance with the character of today's artistic practice, the exhibitions will integrate various media and production methods. Moreover, aesthetic commonalities and dissimilarities between art and its adjacent cultural discourses--for instance, in design and architecture--will also be explored.

An important element in KAI 10's work is the accompanying program. At the center of this program is the active exploration of the works and artistic strategies, carried out through tours and discussions that will make it easier for visitors to understand current aesthetic and artistic discourses and practices. Whenever possible, the artists themselves will be asked to speak. Plans include involving the artists in the conception of the exhibitions, thus strengthening their role in devising the program at KAI 10.

As a private, independent institution, KAI 10 is building an active space committed to conveying contemporary art's new ideas and ways of thinking to the public in Düsseldorf and beyond.