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Andy Warhol

In a way that no other artist has, Andy Warhol recognized the connection between the “live media imperative and the symbolic death of the “body as medium.” His car crash series and silk screens of electric chairs are evidence of the emblematic and emotionally charged visuality of images associated with suffering, dying, and death. Today, death is a repeated theme in international film productions that seek to oppose the dominant Hollywood aesthetic with the materiality of the “naked” body, the filth of the streets, and the misery of war. An example of this are the works of Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritus, whose film Amores Perros has already been shown—perhaps not coincidentally—within the format of an art exhibition.
This lecture will focus on the aesthetic and political implications of the (apparently) accidental death that thwarts the machinery of life—not just one of Innaritus’ repeated motifs—in the context of contemporary artistic and cinematographic iconographies.