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April 2024
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, 7 pm , 1 am

Düsseldorf’s Night of Museums 2024

Waterscreen Cinema by the artist duo Time Gates from Vienna

8:30 pm and 10:30 pm

The Vienna-based artist duo Time Gates (Dorothee Frank & Ben G. Fodor) develops sensational media productions that are performed in public outdoor spaces or in exhibition situations. For their work Waterscreen Cinema they use video projection to transform a water surface into a living screen. Filmed water landscapes and scenes mix with the movement of the real water surface. In some parts of the video, the duo themselves perform. There are also live performance and sound elements that intertwine with the video sequences. This unique performance is a filmic ode to water as an essential resource for life that is under threat worldwide. It also reflects on the role of water in the human history of power, violence and war.

Short tours through the exhibition Bodies, Grids and Ecstasy

7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

Individual works are specifically presented in short guided tours through the exhibition. In particular, it will be explained how patterns of perception and spatial concepts from the digital world also shape the visual worlds of analogue media.

Tickets for all participating venues are available in advance online at, in KAI 10 probably from the end of March and at the box office for €17.00.

, 3 pm

Public guided tour | Bodies, Grids and Ecstasy

, 3 pm

Panel discussion | The residual substance of the physical world

Inna Levinson in conversation with Annekathrin Kohout, art and media scientist, Leipzig

Inna Levinson lets the colouring matter on the coarse-meshed canvas appear as if it were the remaining matter in physical space in a universe consisting of data structures. The way in which digital media and technologies increasingly determine and, as it were, perforate our everyday lives can therefore also be a theme of painting.

In a conversation with Annekathrin Kohout, Inna Levinson will explain her approach in more detail. It will also address the question of how we can respond artistically to images that are aimed less at our human eyes than at the algorithms that analyse them.

, 3 pm

Public guided tour | Bodies, Grids and Ecstasy

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