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Mind the Gap

Andy Hope 1930, Berthold Reiß, Alexander Wolff, Barbara Wüllenweber

May 07 to July 16, 2011

Curators: Zdenek Felix, Ben Kaufmann

The public appeal to “Mind the Gap,” known from London’s Underground, is meant to help people have an easy, accident-free day. In another sense, this phrase makes us aware that there is a gap between objects and the flow of things in general; something is singled out and set apart from other things. An ordinary, everyday object is transformed into a sign, and while it takes on a new function in a new context, its reference to reality is reinforced. Every artistic process is based on this kind of invisible transformation of an object. Various mise-en-scene strategies used in the context of an exhibition also emphasize the remoteness of a work of art. In KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION’s show, MIND THE GAP, the presentation is primarily grounded in the spatial connections among the works by the four independent artists, Andy Hope 1930, Berthold Reiss, Alexander Wolff, and Barbara Wüllenweber. The exhibition links them all into a kind of parcours, which seizes upon different spatial manifestations usually found in the public space and everyday contexts. Posters, archeological digs, murals, and sculptures derived from architecture give form to the exhibition and create a relationship between the show and the space at KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION.

Exhibition views

Accompanying program

, 3 pm

NEW in KAI 10: Tandem tour of the exhibition

Ben Kaufmann (Curator of the exhibition),
Gregor Jansen (Artistic Director, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf)

, 7 pm

NEW in KAI 10: Tandem tour of the exhibition

Julia Schleis (Project Director KAI 10),
Thomas W. Kuhn (Art Historian and Journalist)

, 7 pm

Lecture by Berthold Reiß

hosted by Julia Höner (Project Director KAI 1

, 8 pm

Summer party and catalogue presentation

Video about the exhibition

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