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Active Threads


Exhibition: February 5 to May 2, 2021

Curator: Julia Höner

Textiles are present everywhere in the world. They resemble wide-ranging networks in which transcultural histories, social structures and the discriminatory consequences of capitalism are embedded. They are also one of the most efficient means of non-verbal communication and serve as a cross-cultural archetype of the social cohesion within a society. The reason for this is not least because textile structures are based on the connections between individual threads that only together produce a durable fabric

The international artists in the exhibition Active Threads accordingly use textile materials above all when they are concerned with the complex mesh of relationships between people or the relationship between individual and mass or collective experiences. One focus is on works that refer to political protest movements, feminist networks or different fan cultures. Other artists reach for needle and thread if their work deals with real injuries and scars and the destruction of our material environment. Textile room installations, handcrafted or industrially produced woven works, gouaches, archive photographs and printed banners illustrate the many ways in which textiles can become carriers and catalysts of social and cultural communication processes. Textiles connect people and things, link cultures and geographies, bring together the unconnected or broken, and hold up emotional bonds within society. But they are also used when cemented social images and political orders are called into question. In this way, the exhibition also conveys a feeling for the fragility and provisional nature of many bonds in our digitally networked present.

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, 7 pm

Active Threads: Opening

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